May 9, 2023
Introducing NoRampKit: The NPM package for NFT Credit Card Checkout
Daniel Kiani

Effortless Credit Card Checkout for Your NFTs with NoRampKit

Onboarding users who are new to the crypto space can be challenging, but NoRamp makes it easy and seamless. This tutorial will guide you through the quick and straightforward implementation of a one-click NFT checkout experience using credit cards on NoRamp.

Step 1: Create a new NoRamp app

Go to NoRamp’s App Dashboard Sign up or Log In.

Step 2: Seller KYC and Payout Setup

Next, you will want to Verify KYC in order to begin receiving payments.

Step 3: Add a new Wallet

In order to trigger transactions to transfer and mint NFTs you first need to add a wallet to NoRamp.

Step 4: Create a new Trigger

Now we need to set up our Trigger that NoRamp will run to transfer/mint the NFT once the credit card payment is successful.

After clicking on Add Trigger you can select the kind of trigger action you need for your smart contract.

There are many pre-populated options, select the one most aligned with our smart contract, or select Custom Action for full customizability.

Fill in the contract address of your deployed smart contract along with the method signature or ABI of the function you want to run on successful payments.

You’ll notice there is a Custom Address section. NoRamp helps you serve buyers that don’t have wallets yet. We have implemented the ability to create a wallet for them. Enable the Custom Address setting and select the method parameter that you would like NoRamp to use for that wallet address we create for the buyer.

Step 5: Create a Price

In the sidebar on the dashboard click on Prices.

Select your Trigger action created in the previous step, the preferred currency, the amount in that currency you would like to charge, select Multiple uses, and finally input the parameters used in your smart contract function.

Step 6: Implement the NoRamp 1-Click Credit Card Widget into your app

After adding a wallet, creating a trigger, and creating a price, the last step is to implement the NoRamp widget into your website.

Install the NoRampKit

yarn add norampkit


Place the NoRampOneClick component/widget where you would like users to initiate the credit card payment.

Fill in your APP_ID and PRICE_ID created in the previous steps.

import { NoRampOneClick } from "norampkit";

Step 7: Start Collecting Payments Through Credit Card Today!

Just like that, you are ready to start using NoRamp to collect credit card payments for your NFTs.