September 28, 2022
Onboarding the Masses into Web3
Daniel Kiani

If you’re a degen, whale, or wait could you be a normie? We want to talk about the phrase we all know and have heard countless times in the web3 space “onboarding the masses”, unless you’re a normie, then you may not be following, but fret not we are here to help you!

What does it mean and why does it matter?

Let’s Talk About Onboarding the Masses

You’ll see it on Twitter, read it in articles, and hear it in AMAs. We’ve all got one goal in this space and its mass adoption, onboarding the masses, the next billion, and so on. Picking up what we are putting down? Ok good.

Simply put, we are all trying to onboard most of the human population into web3.

To understand where we are now, we need to look at where we have been. Buckle your seat belts, we’re all in for a wild ride.

Crazy right? As the new generations would say back in the “nineteen-nineties” when the internet as we know it launched mass adoption, this happened in a very quick period of time. In as little as 10 years users were trending upwards of 45% adoption rate.

Now looking at blockchain, we can see how little adoption we have had since its inception, around a 5% adoption rate. A night and day trend that is going to take a lot of innovation from companies to open the flood gates.

A big lift to onboarding the masses are going to come from innovative companies that are truly redefining and changing the onboarding process, it should feel as though you didn’t even know it was happening. Making the onboarding process as web2-friendly as possible is how the beginning of mass adoption will occur.

Those who have onboarded into crypto/web3 not knowing anything know the pain of onboarding into web3. It’s f#%^ing hard. Let’s all be real here this isn’t a walk in the park unless your park is covered in five feet of snow, your coffee has gotten cold and you still are a good twenty-five minutes from home and it’s getting colder by the minute… Ok maybe not that bad, but you get the picture.

It could be A LOT better, and only when that happens we will begin to see mass adoption.

So How Do We Get There?

Innovation. We need to create companies that make the lift easier, and more familiar.

At NoRamp, we have seen it firsthand. When building our NFT Marketplace (Campground), we saw the struggle for those in web2 to onboard into web3 even as seamless as we made it. There are still a lot of hoops to jump through, buyer KYC, wallet creation, buying crypto, and the list goes on. People lose interest and there they go….. back to web2.

We truly believe in our company’s ethos of making the onboarding/buying and selling process easier, simpler, and faster. That’s what inspired our solution.

A fiat capability that never touches crypto. Most of us buy with our credit cards on a daily basis so why not be able to do that in web3 just like we’ve done before? No buyer KYC. We don’t need to show our driver’s license when we are checking out at the grocery store to take our groceries home to cook dinner so why do you need to to buy your NFT? These are all steps to help alleviate the time and friction we are currently operating with in the space.

These are the innovations and solutions we need to onboard the masses and we are seeing them pop up every day, this is how we will board the masses.. making it web2 friendly for a new web3 world.

Let’s onboard the masses together.