November 9, 2022
Standing Out In This Market With Fiat
Daniel Kiani

In the past few days, we have seen major shifts and hard-hitting punches in the crypto space… Bitcoin tumbled to its lowest value in two years, SOL is down 40%, and of course, the FTX collapse.

But as many panic, now is the time to innovate, position to attract new buyers, and onboard web2 users.

Enter NoRamp. NoRamp de-pegs NFTs from cryptocurrency itself. Unlike every other ramp solution currently out there, we do not touch crypto.

NoRamp uses a proprietary process (patents-pending) to activate smart contract triggers initiated by off-chain peer-to-peer payment confirmation. NoRamp’s system is the first to effectively de-peg on-chain digital assets from underlying Layer 1 tokens.

Other solutions currently in the market are an on-ramp which is a system that allows for economic value to flow from fiat money into crypto assets, a series of steps users can take to exchange fiat for crypto and a crypto off-ramp is the exact reverse of an on-ramp. It’s a mechanism that allows for economic value to flow from crypto assets back into fiat money. It’s the side of the bridge that allows users to cash out of crypto.

NoRamp changes the on-off ramp narrative by being a literal no-ramp.

What is the benefit of not being a ramp solution? Your users don’t need to worry about crypto prices, or crypto market fluctuations and your sellers no longer do either. With NoRamp, fiat transactions occur directly between buyer and seller. This opens up an entirely new way to attract creators, buyers, and sellers in this market.

To learn more about our fiat solution visit or book a demo with our team here.