September 20, 2022
Welcome to NoRamp!
Daniel Kiani

Yes it’s exactly what our name sounds like, we are a fiat NoRamp into the beautiful world of crypto and Web3.

Now you may be asking:

“Are you an on-ramp?”

“Are you off-ramp?”

“WTF is a ramp?”

Let’s start with the basics and how we got here as a company.

A crypto on-ramp is a system that allows for economic value to flow from fiat money into crypto assets, a series of steps users can take to exchange fiat for crypto and a crypto off-ramp is the exact reverse of an on-ramp. It’s a mechanism that allows for economic value to flow from crypto assets back into fiat money. It’s the side of the bridge that allows users to cash out of crypto.

Now let us take you back to July 2022 when the crypto market wasn’t looking all that hot. We had just built an NFT marketplace called Campground. But let’s take one step back, as we were building Campground, we saw the innate value in adding a fiat payment capability to our marketplace. That’s when the wheels began to turn and our brilliant dev team spun up the initial inception of NoRamp.

So, ok, what is NoRamp then? Well thanks for asking, let us blow your minds…

NoRamp is the first and only solution enabling on-chain decentralized digital asset transfers via direct peer-to-peer fiat payment. With NoRamp, fiat transactions occur directly between buyer and seller. Unlike other solutions today… crypto is never even touched and did we mention we’re 1400x faster than MoonPay #NBD.

How We Do It and Why it Matters

NoRamp uses a proprietary process (patents-pending) to activate smart contract triggers initiated by off-chain peer-to-peer payment confirmation. NoRamp’s system is the first to effectively de-peg on-chain digital assets from underlying Layer 1 tokens.

Today, credit card checkout for NFTs converts buyers at a 300% higher rate on average.

We’ve all talked about onboarding the masses into Web3, but we all know how truly challenging this task is. With builders building especially during times like these, we can offer fiat solutions like NoRamp that ease the burden of onboarding into crypto. Every little step we can take to get someone into the space in a way they are familiar with…that’s a win.

We look forward to helping all the builders out there onboard the next billion into Web3.

Check out what we are building here.