JUL 29, 2023
ENS Support Added to NoRamp Wallet!
We're all about making it easier for users to interact with seamless payment experiences and offering more customizability is at the core of building that out further. We're not done yet.
Pepi Martinez
JUL 14, 2023
Themes Added to NoRamp Checkout!
We're starting with a few preset themes that will be open for any customer to add to their project.
Pepi Martinez
JUL 07, 2023
Google Auth Added to Magic Wallet Login!
We wanted to expand on the simplicity of using magic wallets by making it one step easier for users to reach their wallet.
Pepi Martinez
JUL 01, 2023
Magic Wallets are  live!
Magic Wallets: Simplifying NFT Transactions
Pepi Martinez
Apr 28, 2023
NoRamp Checkout load time reduced 94%
Expedited Load Times with Advanced Optimizations
Pepi Martinez
FEB 10, 2023
Brand new docs!
Enhanced Documentation for Seamless Integration
Pepi Martinez