Jul 07, 2023
Google Auth Added to Magic Wallet Login!
Pepi Martinez

We introduced Magic Wallets because we know onboarding the next billion to web3 will involve familiar user interfaces and user experiences.

We wanted to expand on the simplicity of using magic wallets by making it one step easier for users to reach their wallet. Users can now enter their magic wallets with their Google account!

Why Magic Wallets?

As a reminder, with Magic Wallets, a wallet is automatically created for them during the checkout process. This means that users can go from zero to owning an NFT in a few simple clicks, entirely skipping the often-confusing wallet setup process.

Why use Google authentication for magic wallets?

Magic wallets enable a clean user experience with no hassle wallet creation and a smooth shopping experience. We wanted to mimic that experience on the signup and sign-in process in a way that's also familiar and easy for users.

We're excited about making Magic Wallets even easier to access. We're all about making it easier for users to dive into the exciting world of NFTs, and increased access to Magic Wallets is essential in making that happen.