Originating minds.
Our team consists of varied minds originating from across the world. We seek answers, create solutions, and tackle challenges.
Our core beliefs
We're customer obsessed.
We make our customers’ experience a top priority and continually seek to understand and exceed their evolving expectations.
We get 1% better every day.
We understand that setting incremental and achievable goals results in compounded growth—improving 1% every day means we’re 3,700% better by the end of the year.
We take nothing for granted.
We know it's a privilege that we get to wake up and build towards a decentralized future, which wouldn't be possible without the help of our early supporters.
Let's scale to new heights and bring about change in the world.
"Achieving greatness in the world starts with achieving goodness within yourself. At NoRamp, we're committed to bettering ourselves daily as individuals as this will, in-turn, create the most favorable outcome for stakeholders and the end-user."
Daniel Kiani
CEO, Co-founder
Meet our people
We are a diverse team of driven individuals with a shared vision
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Daniel Kiani
CEO, Co-founder
Pepi Martinez
CTO, Co-founder
Ben Ornstein
Head of Growth
Eli Carrasquero
Lead Developer
Andres Pirela
Full-stack Developer
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Frontend Developer
Product Manager
Chief Financial Officer